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You have an artistic flair?

Enhance it and get to know it a bit more with our programs!

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Fashion design

Who is it for? Students with a creative spirit but who are also able to handle the many constraints inherent in the clothing industry.

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Illustration and design

Who is it for? Students wishing to work in industrial design, who are creative and have marketing skills

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Interior design

Who is it for? Students who enjoy architecture, drawing and art and who want to use their creativity in their profession.

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Graphic design

Who is it for? Students who are passionate about creativity and image communication.

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Professional techniques in music and song

Who is it for? Students wishing to progress in the popular music industry and who have a good foundation with a musical instrument.

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Theatre - Production

Who is it for? Students wishing to continue in theatrical production, people with entrepreneurial and manual skills.

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What is a cegep?

the acronym cegep stands for collège d’enseignement général et professionnel (general and vocational college)

What we call a CEGEP constitutes the first tier of higher education in the Quebec education system and is analogous to France’s university institutes of technology. All technical and pre-university program diplomas awarded are state diplomas.

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