Pre-university programs in Natural Sciences

Studying in Montreal, Canada

These programs are designed for people with an interest in natural sciences and pure and applied sciences, including biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Students applying to these programs have already taken science courses and intend to pursue this field in university.

About our programs in Natural Sciences

“Cégep” is a term used in Quebec to describe a college offering the first level of post-secondary education. (The name is an acronym derived from the French for “general and professional teaching college.”)

Our two-year pre-university programs include general required subjects (e.g. philosophy) and field-specific subjects (e.g. chemistry, physics). The pre-university DCS is required to qualify for university bachelor programs in the chosen field of study, so long as the prerequisite courses are met.

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No.1 City in America for
International Students

Recognized for its quality of education, Canada has a well-established reputation as a tolerant, non-discriminatory and safe country. Montreal, predominantly French but multilingual, is Canada’s second largest city and ranked the best city in North America for international students.