Technical programs in Fashion

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Fashion is a highly stimulating field that brings together various types of professionals: creators, designers, vendors, journalists, etc. Our courses will prepare you to become an entrepreneur and start your own business or work with an already established design house.

Programs offered

“Cégep” is a term used in Quebec to describe a college offering the first level of post-secondary education. (The name is an acronym derived from the French for “general and professional teaching college.”)

At the moment, we only offer DCS (Diploma of College Studies). We will be offering ACS (Attestation of Collegial Studies) shortly. Stay tuned!

About our DCS programs in Fashion

The DCS (Diploma of College Studies), better known by its French name and acronym, Diplôme d’études collégiales (DEC), involves 3 years of study, leading to the title of technician. The DCS is designed for individuals who are aiming to enter the job market but may consider going on to university.

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Recognized for its quality of education, Canada has a well-established reputation as a tolerant, non-discriminatory and safe country. Montreal, predominantly French but multilingual, is Canada’s second largest city and ranked the best city in North America for international students.